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May 23, 2011

    MTR-160  Table                                          3660T with C-20 Chairs

MTR-160 Frost 3660T Best

An American Touch To Our Designs Makes The Difference!

New designs made in American along with finishing by skilled American craftsmen makes a difference and gives you a product that is a great look for the money.  Our product line offers the assurance that your order will be monitored locally without the need for long distance communications.


The two photos above are excellent examples of what Painter's Ridge Furniture has to offer. 



We are excited to announce our most recent representatives who joined our company within the past six months.  They bring years of successful experience in the furniture industry and their own unique personalities to assist you with your furniture requests.


We encourage you to contact them when you have questions 


For other contact information, please call our office:  336-242-4365 or visit our website:

Introducing Our "Top 40"


This month we launched our "Top 40" program which features large photos of the top sellers in the line.  Currently, this update is available for your catalog.  We will add this feature to our website soon.  Please contact your sales representative for more information.


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Custom Designs and Colors:


Painter's Ridge Furniture encourages you to contact us when you have custom designs or color requests.